Welcome to Del Dios Training Stables & Del Dios Peruvians, home of the smoothest naturally gaited horses in the world. No TROT! No BOUNCE! GUARANTEED! Floating over the ground, that's what riders experience here!


All Breeds & Disciplines Welcome!

Jody Childs
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We have lessons for all ages, we specialize in adults wanting to begin or get back into riding.

Gaited Horsemanship

Learn how to recognize or improve gaits for all Gaited Breeds.

Jody Childs
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Jody can help you simplify and will have you gaiting smoothly in minutes.


Contact Jody for more information and to schedule your next lesson.

Lessons on the Trail

Are you having troubles on the Trail?

Is your horse doing something Scary?

Jody Childs‚Äč
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Does your horse need more trail experience with a trainer by your side?



See the lovely movement of the Peruvian horse, and how the rider is almost motionless.

Jody ChildsThe knowledge trainer Jody Childs has acquired throughout her lifetime is expertly passed onto her students.

She possesses the innate ability to transfer her knowledge of horses with easy step by step instructions and custom tailors each lesson for each student. Be it pleasure, competition, trail riding or natural horsemanship, Jody can help you grow with your horse and meet your goals.

Lady with horse

There is no time like the present to fulfill your childhood dream of confidently riding a horse, or to provide that opportunity for your loved one.

There is a spiritual relationship between human and horse, moving together in harmony, that is life changing.

Girl riding horse

Come and experience these luxurious horses first hand with an introductory lesson.

We have outstanding horses to ride whether you are an experienced rider or getting into the saddle for the first time.

Experience the passion, the healing power, the thrill, and the sheer delight that awaits you here at Del Dios Training Stables!

Horse grazing


Located in Vista, CA, our ranch is a welcome retreat from life's trials and tribulations. This well maintained facility includes large open riding areas, a picnic table, and plenty of shade to enjoy on warmer days and wonderful ocean breezes. We also have trail access.




"No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle."--Sir Winston Churchill

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